Finished Documentary

Tying up loose ends..

I have more to report but getting horizontal is my main priority. I will fill in the details in the a.m. and have a link for you.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 11.32.21 PM

My Project in the Premier Timeline Window

I finished editing. Rendering is another matter. Here’s the status. Yes, I does say 11 hours.




Major Updates to Adobe Creative Cloud Video Apps

Adobe gives Creative Cloud users a glimpse at major updates coming to video apps

Adobe has not revealed the update details, but said that some “milestone features” expected to ship in the coming months include major updates to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC, “designed to make everyday tasks easier and faster [and] enabling video professionals to create videos, TV shows, films and commercials more efficiently”.

My Learning Curve

The Old Days…

I have not edited video in twenty years. A classmate asked me last semester, “What program did you use back then?” My professor and I laughed. I shyly said “None”. and continued to tell the younger student about Betamax tape and linear editing from machine to machine. This process was destructive and degenerated the quality every time an edit occurred. That did not make me feel old but just a little concerned about my learning curve.

Fast-Forward to the Present….

Since I have an Adobe Creative Cloud Account, I am using Premier Pro. I have finally gotten all my resources in my project file. Making sense of the workspace has taken a little longer than anticipated. This morning I made a trip to the library; and YES!; there still is a physical place and real books on the subject of this software. Realizing my limitations, I have found that just reading a chapter or two from a couple of books that I will be able to conquer these limitations and produce the best possible video that I can. Godspeed….

This weekend.

I shot two interviews and recorded with my new Zoom. I still have not watched or listened to all of my footage. I need to work on focus more. I have a trip planners to the workshop on Friday to interview the owner of the pipe organ that is being built.

Production Proposal

 This a screen shot of Adobe Story Plus. I found it by accident at the beginning of the semester and have been using it ever since. It really is a database for media production. I will post exported text files to show the depth of this app, so check back to see what I have learned and want to share. Now, on with the proposal.story

1.0 Scope of Work

Screaming Pipes:Personality of the Pipe Organ will produce several segments that will tie into a documentary portfolio piece. Key topics that form the are historical aspects, the intertwining of art and science, recycling, rebuilding and saving the pipe organ. This documentary will cover a few local pipe organs to go hear live. Screaming Pipes should entertain, educate and connect with the
audience compelling the viewer to go hear the instrument live. The project will possess an upbeat pace and include a transition-heavy introduction, lively comments and beautiful images of the instrument.

2.0 Pieces of Work

Five three-minute digital media projects.

  • History
  • Art/Science Intertwined
  • Around Houston
  • Recycling, Rebuilding and Saving
  • Introduction/Conclusion

3.0 Production Methods

The use of a project and this document was created in Adobe Story Plus. This application produces scripts, lists, schedules. reports, and metadata to use in other Adobe products. My editing environment include tools available through my Creative Cloud. Prelude provides ingesting and trans-coding media; then will then by processed by Premiere Pro. I realize now that I will also be using Adobe Audition.