Currently working on a 3-D model and animation for the documentary.


euipment news


Random thoughts

my camera made it to the nikon repair center.

my mom found the missing shoe for the BEST tripod in the closet.

exlporing mic-ing capabilities and lighting the scene


What I want to get out of Digital Storytelling…


I love to learn and this course is about learn while creating. I am ready to get after.

Intended Learning Outcome

As part of my of my semester proposal, I listed what I would like to set in my target for goals. I realize what I want will take work but I am up for the challenge.

I intend on becoming proficient in creative media production applications. I want to practice efficiently managing media assets and creating video effectively. Using music, spoken word, video, photographs and title screen to produce a digital story that I feel confident in sharing with the public.

  •  Outcome #1 To increase level of proficiency in the Adobe Creative Cloud video applications.
  • Outcome #2 To use effective media asset management skills.
  • Outcome #3 To create a workflow that follows a preproduction plan and schedule.
  • Outcome #4 Obtain the Adobe certification for Premier Pro CC.